Breaking News: California Senate Moves AB 2377 Forward!

A small bill with big impact, AB 2377, has been approved by both houses of the California state legislature this session and will now head back to the Assembly for concurrence before the legislature sends it to the governor’s desk for his signature.
Last week CCOF’s policy team sent out an action alert encouraging members in California to call their state senator and request that they vote yes on the bill. Thank you to those who took action.
The Technical Assistance for Climate Smart Agriculture bill, AB 2377, will establish a cadre of experts to work with farmers who want to apply for funding from the state’s Climate Smart Agriculture programs. These programs include Healthy Soils incentive and demonstration projects, the State Water Efficiency and Enhancement Program (SWEEP), and the Alternative Manure Management Program. 
The application procedures for these grant funds can be complicated, and the technical assistance will make it easier for farmers and ranchers to successfully apply.
A new round of Healthy Soils funding will be awarded later this year. In the first year of the program, organic farms were awarded 27% of Healthy Soils incentive grants though they comprise only 3.5% of all farms in the state, showing that organic farmers and ranchers are very interested in finding ways to build healthy soils. CCOF will notify members when the program is open for applications.