Brazilian Ministry of Ag Visits CCOF Certified Farms

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On April 29-30, 2014, three federal inspectors from the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture (MAPA), and a USDA/Foreign Agricultural Services (FAS) Brazil Agricultural Marketing Specialist, toured CCOF-certified farms in the Davis, CA area. The tour was organized through the USDA Cochran Fellowship Program, with the help of CCOF’s Gamai Gregory and Sean Feder.

During their visit, the federal inspectors were guided through the U.S. Organic certification process, and CCOF programs and procedures. They visited the UC Davis Student Farm, hosted by Raoul Adamchak; and Dixon Ridge Farms, hosted by Jenny Lester Moffitt. Both farms offered a beautiful landscape for discussions about the Brazilian standards, National Organic Program (NOP) requirements, different farming techniques in the two countries, and what it might take to allow U.S. organic product to enter Brazil.

Currently the Brazilian market is closed to NOP certified organic products, and the recertification process to the Brazilian standard is difficult and time consuming. One of the main goals of the trip was to help build a bilateral cooperation between MAPA and the USDA. They were interested in finding ways to reduce bureaucracy and market access requirements and improve transparency in order to promote exports of organic products from the United States to Brazil. CCOF is hopeful that this trip met the group’s goals, and will lead to a better solution for CCOF clients wishing to export to Brazil.

For up-to-date information on import requirements around the globe visit the Global Organic Trade Guide. Operations interested in shipping products to Brazil are welcome to contact for the latest information as CCOF works to improve market access.

Pictured: Marcelo (MAPA inspector), Jenny Lester Moffitt, Renato (MAPA inspector), Fabiana (USDA/FAS), Cristina (MAPA inspector), Gamai Gregory