Blue Marble Brands Supports Future Organic Farmers like Shannon Good

The CCOF Foundation offers grants to students and teachers of organic agriculture across the country. Since 2014, the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund has granted over half a million dollars, impacting more than 30,000 students and teachers of organic agriculture. This year, one of the Fund’s newest supporters is Blue Marble Brands, joining CCOF’s mission all the way from Providence, Rhode Island. 
Blue Marble Woodstock
Last fall, Blue Marble supported CCOF through its Plant the Seed: Eat. Learn. Grow Organic retail promotion, created to help educate consumers about the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund and its success in fostering the next generation of organic farmers. Blue Marble Brands offered $1 off select products to its community, and for each coupon redeemed, Blue Marble donated $1 to the Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund (totaling over $5,000!). 
Blue Marble’s donation to the CCOF Foundation allows students like FFA’s Shannon Good to pursue their dreams of becoming an organic rancher.
Shannon Good at Expo East
Left to Right: Tara Good, Chair of the CCOF Board of Directors Phil LaRocca, and FOFGF Grantee Shannon Good
Good grew up in Michigan on her parents’ conventional dairy farm. They had nearly 100 cows, plenty of land, and a lot of love for cultivating milk from their animals. In 2015, the Goods lost their farm and most of their animals. Good persuaded her parents to let her keep a few of their cows. They obliged, and Good’s career as an organic dairy farmer began. 
The CCOF Foundation’s Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund, and the funds donated to it by companies such as Blue Marble Brands, gave Good and her family a second chance at farming. As a multi-year grant recipient, Good has used the CCOF Foundation’s grants to purchase and install new fence posts and implement a predator wasp program to mitigate her farm’s fly population without using any of the chemicals or pesticides banned in organic production. With the financial assistance of the CCOF Foundation’s Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund and donations from companies like Blue Marble Brands, Good has grown into a skilled, experienced, organic dairy farmer. 
The team at Blue Marble Brands is passionate about the belief that organic farming is not only farming as nature intended, but is essential to a healthy future for our planet and people. The CCOF Foundation is thrilled to have such a diverse and committed group of Future Organic Farmer Grant Fund partners this year.