Bagrada Bug Detected North of Soledad and Near King City

A blog entry written by Alejandro Del Pozo-Valdivia, entomologist with Cooperative Extension Monterey County, reports that bagrada bug adults were found on shortpod mustard plants north of Soledad and near King City. While no nymphs or eggs were found, their offspring may be moving into adjacent cole crops soon. 
Newly planted or early-stage mustard family crops are most at risk from bagrada bug damage. Dr. Del Pozo-Valdivia encourages PCAs to check crops that fit this description in areas surrounding Soledad and King City.
No bagrada was found earlier this season in the San Ardo area, the southernmost location in the Salinas Valley that is being scouted for bagrada bug. 
For more information on this season’s bagrada bug status, contact Del Pozo-Valdivia at (831) 759-7359 or, or your local Cooperative Extension office.