Animal Welfare Comment Period Closed

USDA has closed the comment period for the Organic Livestock and Poultry Practices (OLPP) rule, which would strengthen and expand organic standards for animal welfare. CCOF submitted a comment  that explained the negative impacts to the organic community if the rule was further delayed, modified, suspended, or withdrawn, and called for the rule to be implemented.
The OLPP rule is the result of 14 years of stakeholder input. The rule ensures consistent, fair implementation of organic livestock standards. It reflects consumer expectation of organic products and organic principles. The rule provides clear definitions and prohibits certain practices that some certifiers have loosely interpreted or are reluctant to exercise their authority to enforce. 
Over 47,000 comments were submitted regarding the rule and its implementation by the closing of the comment period. The organic community widely supports the rule, and the considerable number of comments shows stakeholder and public interest in its implementation. 
CCOF thanks all our members who participated throughout the years in the development of the standards and who submitted comments, letters, calls, and more in support of the OLPP rule. We applaud our community for coming together to advocate for the rule and the strengthening of our standards. 
CCOF will continue to track the rule and will share information on its implementation. Please contact CCOF’s Policy department for more information.