How can I label my certified organic products?

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The way you label your certified organic products will depend on the amount of organic ingredients in them. Most crops and single-ingredient products can be labeled “Organic” and use the USDA seal. If you are making a multi-ingredient product with some non-organic ingredients, you may be allowed to claim your product is “Made with Organic (specified ingredients).” See CCOF’s easy labeling guidelines to help you develop compliant organic labels. All certified products must say “Certified organic by CCOF” on the information panel below your company information.

The use of any organic claim or labeling is entirely optional. But assuming you do want your customers to recognize your commitment to them and the environment, the USDA seal or the CCOF seal may be used for "100 Percent" and "Organic" labels.

The wording, "Organically Grown in Accordance with California Organic Food Acts of 1990" is no longer allowed on organic labels in California. You are not required to list your State Organic Registration number on labels, only invoices.

Use the CCOF logo

The CCOF logo can be used on any product certified organic by CCOF. The CCOF "sunflower" logo is associated with premier certified organic products, high integrity, and commitment to the organic movement since 1973. It is one of the most widely recognized and accepted seals in the organic marketplace, both nationally and internationally.

With your decision to place the CCOF seal on your certified products, you strengthen the position of your products and company and enhance your marketability.