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Posted: July 28, 2014 | Location: ,

Looking for winter ground for 100- 400 head of goats. % of kid crop in exchange for care/feed. Must have previous livestock experience and properly fenced property - feedstock does not have to be certified organic. Livestock dogs will be provided with herd.

Posted: July 16, 2014 | Location: Santa Rosa, California

Wine Country Cuisine seeks dependable, reliable CCOF members to help supply the Oliver's Market chain in Sonoma County. Oliver's produce departments have enjoyed double digit sales growth for the past 6 years and now sell a combined $300,000 plus each week, some 40% of that organic. A fourth store will open in Windsor in 2015. Wine Country Cuisine delivers fresh herbs, leafy greens and other produce every Tuesday and Friday year round. We have our our own dedicated shelf space. All products pre packed and labeled with printed price and UPC symbol. All UPC numbers are entered in Oliver's inventory control system. Sales are on consignment guaranteeing Oliver's a 40% margin. The plan is to form an agricultural marketing cooperative and combine the production of several growers to provide more reliable and diverse product availability than I can do alone. Call or email Greg Nilsen for more information. 707-585-9434,

Posted: February 6, 2014 | Location: , California

Do You Have Crop or Processing Wastes that Could Feed Livestock? CCOF organic livestock producers need feed! The unprecedented drought conditions are causing serious livestock feed shortages throughout the West Coast. We are trying to connect any CCOF-certified operations with excess organic crop or processing wastes and residues - such as organic fruit and vegetable culls, nut shells, or food waste - that may serve as supplemental feed for nearby organic livestock operations. This is a great opportunity to not only reduce waste but also support your fellow CCOF-certified farm! In the past, we have seen farms very successfully channel organic vegetable residue “waste” into feed for livestock. Remember, organic livestock need certified organic feed. If you typically mix organic culls or wastes with conventional wastes, would you consider keeping them separate and offering the organic wastes to your fellow organic livestock producers? If you have quantities of certified organic wastes that can be used as feed, please post a free classified. This could be an added value for you and a vital feed supplement for a livestock operation. If you are interested, please post a free ad today or, if you are not a member, send the following information to Name: Operations: City: State: Available commodities (please note: spoiled items are not likely to be consumed by livestock): Date available: Contact information: