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Posted: November 18, 2015 | Location: Alsea, Oregon

Selling our team of Oxen - the most sustainable of draft animals! Assuming you have reasonable pastures, oxen do not require additional feed unless you are working them very, very hard. Even in winter, this team only gets a little supplemental grass hay. There’s a reason oxen brought the pioneers west...oxen are just tougher, and much better at thriving on marginal pastures than horses. Most of the world's food is still grown with draft power and oxen are far-and-away the most common draft animals. For sale is our team of Jersey steers. Both were bottle fed and started in yoke before 2 months. I've gotten them up through ground driving with light loads and started them on light farm implements (harrow) and carts. Selling them because I just don't have time to continue working them up right now. Price negotiable for the right operation that will continue their training and work with them daily. Just don't want to see them go to the beef sale barn. Very well mannered in yoke. Our 8 year-old daughter can drive them! They stand easily, including for hoof trimming. One has been ridden several times. Please call for more information or see our website: 541-486-4085

Posted: November 16, 2015 | Location: Chico, California

Seven Diamonds Orchards, Chico, CA. CCOF-certified organic 10-acre parcel located minutes from downtown Chico, currently in almond production. Two bedrooms, two bath 1,850 sq. ft. Residence built in 1998. Office/3rd bedroom alternative. 20x60 four vehicle detached garage. 24X36 shop building. 3.8 KW solar system, grid tied. Six person hot tub/spa. Residence well and agricultural well. Organic Almond orchard approx. 1,100 trees. Micro-spray irrigation system. Covered 10X12X8 walk-in cooler (carport cover). Almond butter nut grinder, 40 lb. capacity. Seven Diamonds Orchards almond butter sold in six retail outlets, three in Chico, two in Redding and one in Red Bluff. Vendor at Chico and Sacramento Farmers Market for many years. Farm equipment included in sale: Nut sweeper/blower, nut harvester, row flamer, five nut buggies, nut elevator/conveyor, orchard float, air blast sprayer, brush rake, 5-foot Bushhog rotary mower. Honeybee deep and medium supers and frames, bottom boards, lids and related accessories. $655,000

Posted: November 12, 2015 | Location: Outside Oroville, California

Woodleaf Farm is 26 acres in 4 separate parcels in the Sierra foothills of northern California at 1300 feet, outside of Oroville, between Chico and Grass Valley. It has a thriving commercial fruit production business and can also be a get-away for folks who want to be food and energy self-sufficient. Nestled in among mature oak and pine forest, there are 8 acres of rich soil devoted to fruit and vegetable production: 4.5 acres of peaches, 1.5 acres of pears, 1 acre of apples, ½ acre of cherries, ¼ acre of plums and pluots, and a ½ acre of vegetables, persimmons, figs, citrus, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, and kiwis. There is also a small outdoor mushroom production area inside a timber bamboo forest. The farm has been certified organic by CCOF since 1982 and has 6 established weekly farmer’s markets in the Bay area (Berkeley, San Francisco, Marin, and Sebastopol) and 1 market in Chico. All 7 markets have clients who have been loyal customers for more than 20 years. We market the end of May through the end of October. The past two years (2014 and 2015) have been Woodleaf’s most profitable years to date. The orchard is pruned and ready for another possible record sales year. One of the secrets of Woodleaf’s commercial success is plentiful water for irrigation; it comes from a small lake 1 mile above the farm and is gravity flow with a sand-filter system flowing to 8 acres of underground sprinklers (1600 sprinklers total). Water has never been a problem on this farm. The farm is 100 % self-sufficient for electricity, with a 7.8 KW system and 52 solar panels. Thirty-six of the panels move to follow the sun for maximum electricity production. Another secret of Woodleaf’s success and its tasty fruit is excellent soil health. Soil organic matter levels now average between 4 and 6 % and all mineral nutrients have been carefully balanced. The entire farm is surrounded by an 8 foot woven wire fence to exclude deer. Designed into the main 10 acre parcel there are 4 fields with 900 peach, pear, apple, cherry, and plum trees (approximately 3 acres of commercial production). There is also a farmhouse, packing shed/shop, storage buildings, offices, greenhouses, and a domestic well. The spacious, open design 1,800 square foot farm house has lots of windows to bring the quiet forest and gracious landscaping outside indoors. The house has a gourmet kitchen and attached dining area, large master bedroom with private bath, a sunken living room filled with light, and an office or entertainment center area. There is also a large deck and an attached laundry room. The large packing shed has two walk-in coolers (one holds 1200 boxes, the other holds 300 boxes). Attached to the packing shed is a shop and lots of storage area. Above the packing shed/shop is a large office area, library, and conference room. The total square footage of this central building is 3300 square feet. Another metal-sided 1100 square foot building provides more storage for supplies and equipment. There are two small 120 square foot greenhouses for extending the growing season and raising transplants for the 3 trellis vegetable garden areas that have made Woodleaf well-known not just for premium quality fruit, but also for tasty and beautiful vegetables. Hidden down by the seasonal creek amongst large, specimen-quality 200 year old oak trees, there is another 700 square foot office or art/yoga studio with windows on 3 of the 4 walls and wrap around deck on the south side. On a contiguous 2.9 acre parcel, there is second 18 gallon per minute well and 400 peach trees. On a third contiguous 2.0 acre parcel, there is a PG&E electric service, a recently installed 3-bedroom rated septic system, and a building site plus 200 peach, pear, and apple trees. On the fourth contiguous 10 acre parcel, there is a third 10 gallon per minute well, an 1800 square foot shop for woodworking or other craftsman activities, and 300 peach trees. The farm can be purchased in one 10.67 acre parcel with the farmhouse and main buildings for $595,000, or with 1 or more of the other three parcels added. Price depends on which parcels are purchased. 2.9 acre $80,000 2 acre $80,000 10 acre $160,000 Carl or Helen at 530-589-1696

Posted: September 2, 2015 | Location: Hollister and San Juan Bautista, California

Organic volunteer hay for sale. Harvested in 2015. $4.50/bale or $90/ton (we prefer a ten bale minimum purchase). Great for bedding, erosion control, mulching, feed (for goats, sheep or cows). Approximately 1000 bales available. We can help arrange transport and delivery, if necessary. Please call or email for further information.

Posted: August 31, 2015 | Location: Petaluma, California

$8,500 each Hi I have 3 mobile chicken coops they are 28' long 8' wide and 8' tall. They are equipped for 500 birds in each house. Includes enough perching, laying boxes, and lighting. They each have 2 hen lights that produce solar lighting to the chickens so they have a total of 16 hours of light all year round. They have doors on the outside so it is easy to collect without going into the houses. These specs for 500 birds will pass for certified humane. Call or text (707)303-6548 for more info! Thank you!

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Posted: June 24, 2015 | Location: Camarillo, California

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